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Public Information Statement
Statement as of 10:14 PM CDT on March 27, 2015

... NWS damage survey for 03/25/15 tornado event - update 1...

.Update... Added Clifty Arkansas tornadoes

.Clifty Arkansas tornado #1...

Rating: EF-1
estimated peak wind: 95 to 105 mph
path length /statute/: 3.9 miles
path width /maximum/: 650 yards
fatalities: 0
injuries: 0

Start date: March 25 2015
start time: 526 PM CDT
start location: 2.6 NW Clifty / Madison County / AR
start lat/lon: 36.2633 / -93.8306

End date: March 25 2015
end time: 533 PM CDT
end location: 3.5 NE Clifty / Madison County / AR
end lat/lon: 36.2792 / -93.7635

.Clifty Arkansas tornado #2...

Rating: EF-0
estimated peak wind: 75 to 85 mph
path length /statute/: 1 mile
path width /maximum/: 200 yards
fatalities: 0
injuries: 0

Start date: March 25 2015
start time: 532 PM CDT
start location: 2.7 NE Clifty / Madison County / AR
start lat/lon: 36.2698 / -93.7703

End date: March 25 2015
end time: 534 PM CDT
end location: 3.7 NE Clifty / Madison County / AR
end lat/lon: 36.2796 / -93.7562

Survey summary:
a tornado developed northwest of Clifty where it severely damaged
three Chicken houses and damaged a home. It moved east
northeast... damaging an additional Chicken house... several homes...
and snapped trees along Highway 127. The tornado then damaged a
Mobile home... another Chicken house... and trees as it crossed
Highway 23.

Based on radar data and the ground survey today... it appears that
another tornado developed to the south of the dissipating tornado
west of Highway 23 northeast of Clifty. It crossed Highway 23
damaging the roof of a house... snapping large tree limbs and
destroying a barn. It dissipated before reaching County Road 1050.

.Sand Springs tornado...

Rating: EF-2
estimated peak wind: 125 to 135 mph
path length /statute/: 9 miles
path width /maximum/: 800 yards
fatalities: 1
injuries: 30

Start date: March 25 2015
start time: 525 PM CDT
start location: 6.3 W Pogue Airport / Osage County / OK
start lat/lon: 36.1752 / -96.2670

End date: March 25 2015
end time: 538 PM CDT
end location: 0.6 SW of Sand Springs / Tulsa County / OK
end lat/lon: 36.1332 / -96.1167

Survey summary:
a tornado developed over Keystone Lake in Osage County and moved
east southeast across Highway 412 near the bridge. It damaged
ranch houses and barns as well as a church on 209th west Ave. The
tornado moved southeast damaging several homes on 193rd west Ave
and crossed Highway 412 where it blew over a semi tractor trailer.
Large utility poles were snapped south of Highway 412 and a
doughnut business was destroyed at 177th west Ave. The tornado
continued southeast across the Arkansas River then moved eastward
across River Oaks Estates Mobile Home Park where numerous homes
were destroyed... resulting in one fatality and 30 injuries. The
tornado crossed the river again as it headed toward Sand Springs
where it dissipated just before Highway 97. Numerous trees were
snapped and uprooted along the path and many power poles were

The survey team also assessed extensive wind damage further to the
east on Charles Page Blvd. A broad area of wind damage generally
from the north to south caused shingle damage and minor structural
damage to many homes... uprooted numerous trees... and damaged
businesses. The north facing wall of a gymnastics facility had the
north facing wall collapse inward... resulting in the roof
collapsing in that portion of the building. Seventy five
children were in the facility at the time and were taken to
underground shelter before the wind struck the building. Estimated
wind in this area was around 100 mph.

Ef scale: the Enhanced Fujita scale classifies tornadoes into the
following categories.

EF0... weak... ... 65 to 85 mph
EF1... weak... ... 86 to 110 mph
EF2... strong... .111 to 135 mph
EF3... strong... .136 to 165 mph
EF4... violent... 166 to 200 mph
EF5... violent... >200 mph

Note: the information in this statement is preliminary and subject
to change pending final review of the events and publication in NWS
storm data. Anyone with information such as photos or video that
could help with the continued review of this event are urged to
contact the NWS Tulsa office.