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By: N2jaiCapeMayNJ, 11:19 AM GMT on iunie 29, 2007

2012 Cape May County NJ SKYWARN Spotters Operations Groupif (WIDGETBOX) WIDGETBOX.renderWidget('109e1ab8-938a-4ac5-94f3-94 02f177eb0e');Get the The Weather Channel widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! Not seeing a widget? (More info)My Name is Bill Aber and my amateur radio call sign is N2JAILink Link LinkOur Nets use Amateur Radio Call Sign WX2CMCCape May County SKYWARN 1997 - 2012 Come and "LIKE" our FACEBOOK PAGE LinkSKYWARN is ...

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Updated: 04:39 AM GMT on mai 21, 2012

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About N2jaiCapeMayNJ

Hi,I'm Bill (N2JAI) SKYWARN Coordinator for Cape May Co. NJ. Cape May County SKYWARN links found here. Our call sign is WX2CMC on 147.42 Simplex.

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Huuricane Hunter Crew Educating and Interacting with Public
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Personal Weather Stations

Golf Course Area
Ocean View, NJ
Elevation: 32 ft
Temperatura: 79.8 °F
Punctul de rouă: 69.6 °F
Umiditatea: 71%
Vânt: 11.0 mph from the SSE
Rafale de vânt: 36.0 mph
Updated: 06:00 PM EDT on iulie 22, 2014
Upper Township, Cape May County
Seaville, NJ
Elevation: 20 ft
Temperatura: 44.3 °F
Punctul de rouă: 14.1 °F
Umiditatea: 29%
Vânt: 5.0 mph from the ENE
Rafale de vânt: 11.0 mph
Updated: 03:27 PM EDT on martie 29, 2015
Fishing Creek
N. Cape May, NJ
Elevation: 23 ft
Temperatura: 39.9 °F
Punctul de rouă: 11.7 °F
Umiditatea: 31%
Vânt: 14.0 mph from the VNV
Rafale de vânt: 15.0 mph
Updated: 03:15 PM EDT on martie 29, 2015
Near Estell Manor School
Estell Manor, NJ
Elevation: 85 ft
Temperatura: 46.8 °F
Punctul de rouă: 12.7 °F
Umiditatea: 25%
Vânt: 2.0 mph from the NNV
Rafale de vânt: 7.4 mph
Updated: 03:27 PM EDT on martie 29, 2015
N. Clermont Ave.
Margate, NJ
Elevation: 10 ft
Temperatura: 46.4 °F
Punctul de rouă: 13.3 °F
Umiditatea: 26%
Vânt: 6.0 mph from the NV
Rafale de vânt: 6.0 mph
Updated: 03:25 PM EDT on martie 29, 2015
Dewey Beach - On the Bay
Rehoboth Beach, DE
Elevation: 10 ft
Temperatura: 40.3 °F
Punctul de rouă: 13.5 °F
Umiditatea: 33%
Vânt: 2.0 mph from the NV
Rafale de vânt: 11.0 mph
Updated: 03:27 PM EDT on martie 29, 2015
Rt 47/Tyler Road
Woodbine, NJ
Elevation: 15 ft
Temperatura: 45.1 °F
Punctul de rouă: 12.2 °F
Umiditatea: 26%
Vânt: 2.0 mph from the NNV
Rafale de vânt: 7.0 mph
Updated: 03:20 PM EDT on martie 29, 2015
Cape May, NJ
Elevation: 0 ft
Temperatura: 31.0 °F
Punctul de rouă: -
Umiditatea: -9999%
Vânt: - from the vest
Rafale de vânt: -
Updated: 06:36 PM EST on martie 01, 2015
Dennisville, NJ
Elevation: 32 ft
Temperatura: 72.0 °F
Punctul de rouă: 57.0 °F
Umiditatea: 60%
Vânt: 5.0 mph from the nord
Rafale de vânt: 8.0 mph
Updated: 09:00 AM EDT on august 18, 2014
Dennisville, NJ
Elevation: 41 ft
Temperatura: 32.0 °F
Punctul de rouă: 7.0 °F
Umiditatea: 34%
Vânt: 17.0 mph from the NNE
Rafale de vânt: 20.0 mph
Updated: 09:37 AM EDT on martie 29, 2015
South Seaville, NJ
Elevation: 32 ft
Temperatura: 74.0 °F
Punctul de rouă: 74.0 °F
Umiditatea: 99%
Vânt: 4.0 mph from the SV
Rafale de vânt: 24.0 mph
Updated: 10:07 AM EDT on iulie 27, 2014
Stone Harbor, NJ
Elevation: 32 ft
Temperatura: 32.0 °F
Punctul de rouă: 31.0 °F
Umiditatea: 96%
Vânt: Liniştit
Rafale de vânt: -
Updated: 07:50 PM EST on martie 01, 2015
Woodbine, NJ
Elevation: 42 ft
Temperatura: 44.0 °F
Punctul de rouă: 14.0 °F
Umiditatea: 29%
Vânt: 7.0 mph from the NNV
Rafale de vânt: 12.0 mph
Updated: 05:11 PM EDT on martie 23, 2015

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