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I have been a WU member since September 2005. Now a retired teacher, enjoying my garden, writing, sketching, taking photos, and having great fun!

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Personal Weather Stations

Far Bletchley
Bletchley, England
Elevation: 377 ft
Temperatura: 62.1 °F
Punctul de rouă: 51.3 °F
Umiditatea: 68%
Vânt: Liniştit
Rafale de vânt: 4.0 mph
Updated: 08:45 PM BST on august 04, 2015
Newport Pagnell
Newport Pagnell, BUCKS
Elevation: 200 ft
Temperatura: 63.5 °F
Punctul de rouă: 48.4 °F
Umiditatea: 58%
Vânt: 3.0 mph from the SSV
Rafale de vânt: 5.0 mph
Updated: 08:50 PM BST on august 04, 2015

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